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Bug#581873: [languagechooser] unable to select language more than once

reassign 581873 2.09 localechooser
block 581873 by 470258

On Sunday 16 May 2010, Holger Wansing wrote:
> If I remember now, that I wanted to do an italian installation (for
> example, every other choice does the same), and I go back to the
> "change language" step as soon as I can access the main menu, it
> doesn't work as expected.

*Exactly* when did you do this? I suspect it was after the step of loading 
additional components? Before that point changing the language should work 
fine. After that point the language setting *is* changed, but you get 
English because other translations have been deleted to save memory.

You can keep all translations for the whole installation by booting with 
DEBCONF_DROP_TRANSLATIONS=0 (IIRC). See changelog for cdebconf (0.117).

> I know, that it's maybe to late at that installation step to change
> the language, but shouldn't it be unpossible, to reach that dialogs
> then?

That functionality is already there, but disabled because of #470258.

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