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Bug#581832: Installation freezes when reaching 'detect hard drive'

Package: installation-reports
Version: 5.04
Severity: grave

This bug report is for Debian 5.04 (i386, 32bit). It also applies to recent Ubuntu (10.0?, LTS Version).

Trying an installation with the downloaded CD everything works fine, until the detection of hard drives begins. A few seconds after this the hard drive led burns without flickering, NO hard drive sounds can be heard anymore and the machine completely freezes (no chance to skip to another console).

Using e.g. an Ubuntu live system, everything works perfectly fine, installing a recent Suse distribution also is no problem (11.2).

I used an alternate installation disk for Ubuntu 9.04 and replaced everything I thought having to do with partitioning with dummies (e.g. all partman binaries). As I already did the partitioning with the suse installation this was no problem. Suprisingly the installation continued without problem and the system after installation was ready to boot. But - as the partman was again part of the installation - everything having to do with hard drives (new partitions) or adding cd drives again froze the system.

Please give some advice which additional information you need. I will try to provide this as soon as possible.

Kind regards


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