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Bug#581803: installer task selection behaves gracelessly

reassign 581803 tasksel
retitle 581803 Should add a confirmation dialog after choosing tasks before starting package installation

Quoting James Cranch (jdc41@cam.ac.uk):

> I consider this behaviour to be not optimal, since then it requires
> effort and understanding to undo/correct the effects of a single
> reasonable keypress.

Well, this is the general behavior of debconf templates, if I'm not mistaken

> One straightforward solution would be to bring up a dialogue box
> asking the user to confirm the final choices, before package
> installation begins.
> Another less straightforward solution would be to rethink the
> effects of the Enter key at this stage.

The only really feasible thing seems to be the confirmation dialog. I
doubt many people will jump in this, though.

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