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Re: Localization status for Debian Installer (May 12th update)

Hi Christian,

Do I have any remaining work for the Sinhala?


On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 11:29 AM, Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
This is time for another update about Debian Installer localization

In very short:
40 languages are in good shape (+2: ca nn)*
24 languages are in danger of being deactivated* (-2)

* my former post mentioned 37 languages but the real count was 38
* my former post mentioned 25 languages but the real count was 26

More details
A recent change is moving us slightly backwards: the sibyl-installer
package (package to install a boot loader for the mips architecture)
has been revived and re-included in D-I l10n framework.

For languages that had its translation complete before it was removed,
there is no consequences, but other languages may now have 7 fuzzy
strings in sublevel 4.

The safe side
14 languages are complete:
ar ast bg cs es fr gu hi nb pt sv ta th zh_CN

10 languages were complete before sibyl-installer re-addition and thus
 now only have a few fuzzy strings in a seldomly used package:
de ga he it ja lt nl ru sk vi

12 languages were complete before changes to sublevel 5 and have
some fuzzy strings to very seldomly used packages:
bn el eo et eu fi mr pl sl sq tr zh_TW

4 languages have a few strings to update in sublevels 1 to 3 but have
recently active translators who will probably easy cope with them:
be ca nn pa

The unsafe side
9 languages had a few updates since lenny but not on a regular
These languages are at risk of being deactivated for Squeeze if they
are not complete for sublevels 1 and 2:
da gl hu ka ko ml pt_BR ro tl

9 languages were complete in lenny but had no update since then.
These languages are at risk of being deactivated for Squeeze if they
are not complete for sublevels 1 and 2:
bs dz hr id km lv mk ne wo

Other languages are in various situations. Those marked "(P)" are not
activated and have nearly no chance to be activated for Squeeze,
except maybe Sinhala (si).
The 7 active languages listed below are at risk of being deactivated
except se which is an "historical "exception (but that does not
prevent from doing efforts in completing it!).

090%  uk
087%  ku
086%  am
083%  si (P)
082%  kk
072%  sr
068%  cy
064%  is (P)
043%  ms (P)
038%  kn (P)
025%  br (P)
015%  se
014%  mg (P)
014%  te (P)
012%  fa (P)
009%  xh (P)
008%  ur (P)
002%  hy (P)
000%  lo (P)


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Danishka Navin

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