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Bug#580744: Bug#580745: tzdata: suggestions for renaming of timezones/locations

Quoting Clint Adams (schizo@debian.org):
> On Sat, May 08, 2010 at 11:03:47AM +0200, Holger Wansing wrote:
> > I want to suggest renaming two timezones/locations:
> > 
> > rename "Noronha" to "Fernando de Noronha"
> > 
> > rename "Ponape" to "Pohnpei"
> I'm happy to do this for the English translation; Pohnpei is

But not for the *original* timezone name, right? (which was, imho, the
point of Holger's original proposal).

I don't know exactly how tiezone names are handled upstream. Is there
any kind of standard that's followed or is this just upstream's "inspiration"?

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