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Bug#575309: user-setup: Should stop adding first user to device access groups

On Thu 25 Mar, Joey Hess wrote:
> Frans Pop wrote:
> > I disagree with this proposed change. IMO the default group assignments are 
> > in line with the purpose of the first user account.
> I have three reasons to feel otherwise:
> 1. IIRC, the reason for adding the initial user to groups has been to provide
>    a good desktop experience. See bugs #352713, #166718.
>    So worrying about the first account not having hardware access when not
>    at the desktop seems like scope creep.

   I really appreciated being able to get things working without too much
hassle when I was a totally new user, and have often been asked by
inexperienced users why simple things do not work as expected on a new
installation. I am not involved in setting up more than small networks, and
I now demonstrate the differences between users, explain why I set up an
initial user account, then often create real users starting from a higher
UID with the same UIDs throughout the local network, finally deleting the
initial user account. If it is easy to add new users from a list it is also
easy to delete the first account when not required.

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