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Bug#572605: still present -- installation-reports: Sid d-i on PowerPC can not find driver for network interface

Hi Frans,

Le mercredi 24 mars 2010 à 14:53 +0100, Frans Pop a écrit :
> There is no real bug. The only problem is that the images that are 
> currently available are outdated.

OK. So, if it has not already been told (I didn't see much details about
that in this BR) what steps should be taken for powerpc volunteers ?
Take care of the buildd ? Who is in charge of it at the moment ? How can
one have access to it ? Thanks for any pointer on this. (I am not very
aware of all the details ; I am only a small part-time contributor to

> If you should build an image yourself, I expect it will work fine.

OK. So the problem lies only in the buildd, right ?
I am willing to take care of it if a volunteer is needed.

Thanks for any help,

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