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Re: [pkg-fso-maint] GSoC 2010: Debian Installer on Freerunner

Quoting Gaudenz Steinlin (gaudenz@debian.org):

> > Regarding the FreeRunner, I've got one since the beginning of the year,
> > and I use it as my sole phone.
> > I have flashed SHR unstable on the NAND, and I've manually (reading the
> > so-called install.sh script) installed Debian on a µSD card, although I rarely
> > use it.
> For porting d-i to it it would be good if we could get you a second
> freerunner or if you have another phone you could use during this
> time... Calls won't work during installation ;-) And you probably will
> do many installations...

Well, I have one at home, which I don't use. So, in  case it would
help porting Debian, I could happily lend it to Thibaut....

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