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Re: what (.deb) packages need for installer except .udeb packages ?

On Thursday 18 March 2010, kin boster wrote:
>        what (.deb) packages need for installer except .udeb packages ?

You seem to be misunderstanding some things fundamentally here.

.udebs and .debs are *completely* separate and saying that D-I "needs both" 
makes absolutely no sense at all.
.udebs are the building blocks of the installer itself and are *never* 
installed in the target system.
.debs are the building blocks of an installed system and are *never* 
installed in the Debian Installer environment [1]; the only way D-I "uses"
.debs is to install them into the /target chroot for the new installed 
system; D-I itself *does not* "need" .debs.
.udebs and .debs can and will NEVER depend on eachother.

When D-I is running you need to always distinguish between these two 
- the D-I environment (everything except the /target directory)
- the target system environment (everything under /target)

And possibly as a subcategory:
- the installation media (things mounted under /cdrom and /hd-media);
  note that /cdrom can also be mounted under /target during the install

>             in debian installer (lenny), some packages is a hard code
> write in it, and hard to find it out
>        like base-files, perl-base, glibc, linux-image, etc
>             and some packages are need to use in the installation
> progress, like:
>        chroot /target apt-cache search '^(kernel|linux)-image'  ( need
> apt-utils package ) etc  and

This is very simply the definition of what the base system is. You should 
study 'debootstrap'. Packages are included in the base system on the bases 
of their Priority field (important or higher).

>        apt-install mdadm (need mdadm package)  etc.

Packages that are apt-installed are installed by D-I for the target systems 
because D-I "detects" that they are needed in addition to the base system, 
either the result of hardware detection, or because of choices made by the 
user during the installation process.

>            so d-i must dependency these packages to finish during
> installation progress,

No, it does NOT "depend" on them. That is a completely wrong way of 
thinking about it!

>        or may have something wrong in installtaion or after
> installation. is there any documentation mention these packages ?
>        or how can I find out all of these package?

You should really try to understand basic Debian package management 
concepts better before trying to work with D-I on this level. I'm afraid 
that this mailing list is not really the place to teach you about that.


[1] With currently one very minor exception for firmware, which is 
something that should really be fixed.

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