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Bug#243857: Patch has been available in Ubuntu

tags 243857 + pending

On Tuesday 16 March 2010, Joshua Kwan wrote:
> Looks like this bug hasn't seen action for quite a while. It seems like
> in the meantime, Ubuntu has fixed this bug. Check out this patch:
> http://launchpadlibrarian.net/18656164/cdrom-detect-better-flow.patch

Thanks for the pointer.

> This code is in their current version of cdrom-detect and seems to work
> well in the exact same situation that d-i fails. Can we get this patch
> backported?

Part of the patch is already in our code. I've ported the rest and done 
some additional refactoring. Will commit after testing in the next few 

> I can do a NMU if there is no real maintainer willing to step up.

An NMU (upload not from the D-I SVN repo) is never really a solution in the 
case of D-I as it tends to increase rather than reduce the work for 
maintainers. In general NMUs should not be needed where packages are 
maintained by a generally active team.
It also seems not indicated in this case as this is the first time a patch 
has been suggested for the issue.

Providing (preferably tested) patches against current SVN helps maintainers 
a lot more and is very much appreciated. Pinging maintainers on bug 
reports is also always appreciated.


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