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Bug#573891: kFreeBSD partitioning fails

Package: partman-base


I wanted to install kFreeBSD variant of Debian squeeze from
downloaded today (2010-03-14).

All went well until manual partitioning:

 - /dev/hda1 primary ntfs 26GB
 - free space 3GB

When I select to partition the free space, select size (3GB) and type
of the partition (primary), I get this error message:

  !!! Partition disks
       ??? ???
  <Go Back> <Continue>

Yes, it is correct, six questionmarks. Behind the dialog window I can
see the text "Computing the new st" ...and the rest is obstructed by
the dialog. When I continue (or go back), the partitioning menu is
empty (like not showing any partitions at all):

  Guided partitioning
  Undo changes to partitions
  Finish partitioning and write changes to disc

No clue on tty4 at this stage. However, when I go back to the main
menu and select to partition disks again, nothing happens (I am
immediately returned to the main menu), but syslog now reads:

  Mar 14 18:35:32 main-menu[117]: INFO: Menu item 'partman-base' selected
  Mar 14 18:35:33 main-menu[117]: (process:1184): /bin/partman:
  Mar 14 18:35:33 main-menu[117]: (process:1184): line 105:
  Mar 14 18:35:33 main-menu[117]: (process:1184): depmod: not found
  Mar 14 18:35:33 main-menu[117]: (process:1184):
  Mar 14 18:35:33 main-menu[117]: (process:1184): /lib/partman/init.d/30parted:
  Mar 14 18:35:33 main-menu[117]: (process:1184): line 131:
  Mar 14 18:35:33 main-menu[117]: (process:1184): can't open /var/lib/partman/outfifo: no such file
  Mar 14 18:35:33 main-menu[117]: (process:1184):

Looking at the attached partman log I would say it wants to use the
ext2 filesystem by default for the new partition and switching to ufs
does not work very well.

Miroslav Kure

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