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Bug#573252: partman-target: stray /cdrom link useless these days

On Friday 12 March 2010, Joey Hess wrote:
> I don't think it particularly matters if there's a stray /media/cdrom.
> I could always plug in a usb cd drive.

OK. Let's give it a try as it is now then. I will uploaded base-installer 
and apt-setup to start with.

At the risk of invoking your ire, I have reverted your additional change in 
apt-setup for now. The reason is explained in the commit message:

   Reason for the revert is that the changes are not needed now that APT
   has been reconfigured to use media/cdrom in target. The change was also
   incomplete as apt-cdrom is also called from other places than 40cdrom.

   It may be worth reintroducing this change later, but I prefer to
   implement and test the switch from /cdrom to /media/cdrom without
   it first.

The other places where apt-cdrom is called are the 41cdset generator and 


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