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Bug#573252: partman-target: stray /cdrom link useless these days

On Thursday 11 March 2010, you wrote:
> /cdrom was only obsoleted in etch by a combination of prayer and wishful
> thinking.  apt-cdrom still relied on it until very recently, when
> Michael Vogt did some work on it. 

Hmm. It could be that back then only the automatic unmounting was fixed. 
I'll test this.

> Perhaps I have missed something, but Frans' changes seem quite
> incomplete to me.

You're partially correct.

> base-installer bind-mounts /target/cdrom, and 

No, we no longer bind mount /target/cdrom. We used to bind mount it 
permanently, but that was changed with the reintroduction of multi-cd 
support. Instead we always leave it up to apt-cdrom to mount/umount the CD 
as (and only as long as) needed.

> configures apt-cdrom to use it;

Yes, I missed this. But we could change that to use /target/media/cdrom 
instead, which would be more in line with what's wanted anyway.
I'll test that too.

> surely that needs to be adjusted if you 
> want to do the detection dynamically there as well, and removing the
> umounts from most other places while keeping the mount in base-installer
> looks like a mistake.

AFAICT removing the umounts is still correct as we never mount it.
But base-installer definitely needs updating before dropping the symlink in 
partman-target. And if Lenny's apt-cdrom does require it, we should keep 
it around until Squeeze+1.


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