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Bug#573238: should handle firmware.tar.gz

Package: hw-detect
Severity: normal

It's too easy to miss a sentence on the web page, and think that
firmware.tar.gz can just be copied to a usb stick w/o being extacted
like the iso is. This happened to me. :)

So I think I will make hw-detect fall back to looking for
firmware.tar.gz it firmware.tgz and extract it to a temp directory in
order to access the debs inside. The temp directory can be removed at
the end to save memory.

d-i can't extract the firmware.zip. So maybe we should get rid of
it? Though that would mean that Windows/DOS users would be more likely to
copy in unextracted tar.gz, which would make d-i use a bit more memory
briefly for the abovementioned temp dir. OTOH, most systems with Windows
have *more* than enough memory. If this is done, we should probably
rename firmware.tar.gz to firmware.tgz in order for it to be more

see shy jo

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