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Debian Installer is switching to busybox' udhcp client

Hi Andrew,

Just for your information.

Debian Installer is switching to the udhcp client from busybox as the 
default dhcp client. The switch has already been made in daily built D-I 
images for most architectures (the kfreebsd ones still use dhcp3).
Primairy reason is of course the much smaller size of the client.

As far as I'm concerned we should keep the dhcp3-client-udeb around, even 
if all arches switch to udhcpc. Reason is that netcfg still supports the 
dhcp3 client, and will automatically prefer it to udhcpc if installed.
So it can still be very useful, e.g. for troubleshooting.

If/when you make the switch to version 4 (with the rename back to dhcp 
probably) we'll make sure that netcfg supports that version as well.


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