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Bug#572787: debian-installer: 64bit install hangs after "Booting the kernel"

Package: debian-installer
Version: daily image 2010-03-06
Severity: normal


a hp ProLiant DL385 G6 does not boot the daily installer image in
64bit mode. The box is a Dual Six-Core Opteron with 80 Gig of RAM.

Trying a 64 bit expert install, vga=normal is needed to get output at
all. The following results have been obtained with vga=normal
console=ttyS0 and all permutations of "edd=off" and "nosmp" on the
command line. All results have been the same.

Vmlinuz and initrd are loaded just fine, the line of dots after initrd
load ends with "ready." This can be seen both on the system console
and on the serial console.

Afterwards, the serial console screen is blanked (and stays blank);
the system console moves its cursor up left without clearing the
screen. I then see "Decompressing Linux... Parsing ELF... Done" with
the dotline written by the initrd load being back after the "Done."
Then the next line is overwritten with "Booting the kernel.y." with
the "y." being the remainder of the "ready."

With this display, the system stops dead in its tracks with a blinking
red error LED:

Installing 32bit Debian works just fine.


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