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Bug#572785: debian-installer: bnx firmware image

Package: debian-installer
Version: daily 2010-03-06
Severity: normal


when trying to install Debian from today's squeeze daily image on a hp
ProLiant DL385G6, there are multiple images with the network interfaces,
which are bnx2. It needs bnx2-mips-09-5.0.0.j3.fw and
bnx2-rv2p-, and I had to bring them to the system in
question on an USB stick.

- bnx2-mips-09-5.0.0.j3.fw files is is only found if in a bnx2/ subdirectory.
- If found, it is placed into /lib/firmware
- the driver expects it in /lib/firmware/bnx2 though
- /lib/firmware/bnx2 is deleted during the "search for firmware" process
- I therefore had to resort to while sleep 1; do mv
  /lib/firmware/bnx2-mips-09-5.0.0.j3.fw /lib/firmware/bnx; done
  to get any further
- bnx2-rv2p- is not found at all (not in / and not bnx2/)
- Copying the file to /lib/firmware/bnx2 manually worked

Afterwards, the installer thought that DHCP configuration failed
although there was an IP on the first interface afterwards. Repeat of
the DHCP configuration made the installer notice that it was
successful. I suspect that the DHCP process times out just in time to
be successful without the installer noticing because the box in
questions has 4 interfaces.


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