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I thought I would try Debian. Downloaded the iso and burnt it to disk then botted from it and installed it. When it came to installing Grub it gave me some options, it didnt recognise Ubuntu on Ext4 but said that I could boot from elsewhere and fix the problem later. mmmmmm not a good idea. It trashed my boot record anyway. Then I booted into it after using the rescue bit of the disk. I doesnt work with my Radeon card and ViewSonic screen. I know you do this voluntarily, believe me I do appreciate all of the work you do, but Im frustrated having spent over an hour and then having to install another instance of Ubuntu to recover the situation.

Please can you put a warning out for people not to install Debian if they already have an Ext4 system on their drive.

The screen problem is different, I assume its a driver problem and I can get over that by using safe mode and installing the correct driver(s).

Sorry to whinge.


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