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linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6_1.50_multi.changes is NEW

(new) ata-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb extra debian-installer
ATA disk modules
 This package contains core ATA disk modules used by both PATA and SATA
 disk drivers.
(new) cdrom-core-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb standard debian-installer
CDROM support
 This package contains core CDROM support for the kernel.
(new) core-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb standard debian-installer
Core modules
 This package contains core modules for the kernel, that will almost
 always be needed.
(new) crypto-dm-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb extra debian-installer
devicemapper crypto module
 This package contains the devicemapper crypto (dm-crypt) module.
(new) crypto-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb extra debian-installer
crypto modules
 This package contains crypto modules.
(new) ext3-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb standard debian-installer
EXT3 filesystem support
 This package contains the EXT3 filesystem module for the kernel.
(new) ext4-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb standard debian-installer
EXT4 filesystem support
 This package contains the EXT4 filesystem module for the kernel.
(new) fat-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb extra debian-installer
FAT filesystem support
 This package contains the FAT and VFAT filesystem modules for the kernel.
(new) ide-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb standard debian-installer
IDE drivers
 This package contains IDE drivers for the kernel.
(new) isofs-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb standard debian-installer
ISOFS filesystem support
 This package contains the ISOFS filesystem module for the kernel.
(new) jfs-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb standard debian-installer
JFS filesystem support
 This package contains the JFS filesystem module for the kernel.
(new) kernel-image-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb extra debian-installer
Linux kernel binary image for the Debian installer
 This package contains the kernel image for the Debian installer
 boot images. It does _not_ provide a usable kernel for your full
 Debian system.
  to main/l/linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6/linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6_1.50.dsc
  to main/l/linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6/linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6_1.50.tar.gz
(new) md-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb extra debian-installer
RAID and LVM support
 This package contains RAID and LVM modules for the kernel.
(new) multipath-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb extra debian-installer
Multipath support
 This package contains DM-Multipath modules for the kernel.
(new) nic-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb standard debian-installer
Network card modules for Sparc kernels
 This package contains the drivers for the Happy Meal/Big Mac 10/100BaseT,
 Sun QuadEthernet and MyriCOM Gigabit Ethernet SBus devices for SPARC
 systems, as well as various PCI NIC drivers (only on sparc64.)
 Do not install this package on a real Debian system! You probably
 want a kernel-image package instead.
(new) nls-core-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb extra debian-installer
Core NLS support
 This package contains basic NLS support modules for the kernel.
(new) pata-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb standard debian-installer
PATA drivers
 This package contains PATA drivers for the kernel.
(new) plip-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb optional debian-installer
PLIP drivers
 This package contains PLIP drivers for the kernel.
(new) ppp-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb optional debian-installer
PPP drivers
 This package contains PPP drivers for the kernel.
(new) reiserfs-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb extra debian-installer
Reiser filesystem support
 This package contains the Reiser filesystem module for the kernel.
(new) sata-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb standard debian-installer
SATA drivers
 This package contains SATA drivers for the kernel.
(new) scsi-common-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb standard debian-installer
Very common SCSI drivers
 This package contains very common SCSI drivers for the kernel.
(new) scsi-core-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb standard debian-installer
Core SCSI subsystem
 This package contains the core SCSI subsystem for the kernel.
(new) scsi-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb standard debian-installer
SCSI drivers
 This package contains SCSI drivers for the kernel.
(new) squashfs-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb extra debian-installer
squashfs modules
 This package contains squashfs modules.
(new) usb-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb extra debian-installer
USB support
 This package contains core USB drivers for the kernel.
(new) usb-storage-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb standard debian-installer
USB storage support
 This package contains the USB storage driver for the kernel.
(new) xfs-modules-2.6.32-3-sparc64-di_1.50_sparc.udeb standard debian-installer
XFS filesystem support
 This package contains the XFS filesystem module for the kernel.
Changes: linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6 (1.50) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Frans Pop ]
  * Update for 2.6.32:
    - Add core-modules containing only mbcache; needed for ext3 and ext4.
  * Drop various obsolete modules:
    - nic-modules: sk98lin
    - scsi-common-modules: esp (was replaced by sun_esp)
    - scsi-modules: fcal, soc, socal, pluto, qla2[123]00, qla2322
  * Switch to 2.6.32 fixes problem with installation of silo. Closes: #569719.
  [ Otavio Salvador ]
  * Built against version 2.6.32-9 of linux-2.6.

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