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Re: Switching g-i from DirectFB to X11 -- image size; library reduction

On Wednesday 24 February 2010, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> While I'm in Syslinux mood: version 3.85 has a full-featured gPXELinux
> component, boasting HTTP support (among others).  Image loading over
> HTTP is *much* faster than over TFTP.  On the other hand, it requires an
> additional HTTP server, and thus probably not worth the hassle for
> single shot installations.  It could be useful for testing, though.

Would any changes be needed in D-I images to use that? I can see it as an 
option, but not as a default.

IMO it's mostly useful if we were to offer to install Debian directly from 
the Internet, and IIUC that's what it was developed for.

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