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Re: Switching g-i from DirectFB to X11 -- console-setup

On Monday 08 February 2010, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
>  - Maybe think of switching over from kbd-chooser to console-setup. It
>    should work (almost) out of the box for X11 (that was at least OK
>    with my very first image, before cleaning up my patches), while
>    kbd-chooser would mean patching some more.

I agree that console-setup-udeb is a much more natural choice for an X.Org 
based graphical installer than kbd-chooser.

I was somewhat surprised to see x11-xkb-utils-udeb and especially the very 
large xkb-data-udeb. Isn't there an overlap with the console-setup udebs?
If there is, it would be good to get rid of that overlap.

>    And AFAICT console-setup should be able to handle both X and non-X
>    cases. 

The main issue with console-setup-udeb is usability. If I would have to 
rate it for usability console-setup-udeb would get no more that 3 out of 
10. Please note that that is just my personal optinion and limited to the 
use of c-s for D-I; I have no opinion on the usability of c-s for the 
installed system.

It offers way too many choices, most of which are totally irrelevant in the 
context of an installation, even in expert mode.
Besides that it offers choices for keymaps that are not even available and 
AFAIK it does not detect headless systems that don't need any console 
setup. I also don't like parts of the technical implementation.

The extremely long selection lists make console-setup-udeb completely 
unusable with the text frontend [1].

The basic error in the design is the assumption that the same functionality 
is suitable for both installed systems (where users may want to tune there 
keyboard for their personal preferences and, most importantly, have the 
opportunity to try out different options and see their effect) and for the 
installer (where users only need a basic selection of the correct keymap 
with solid defaults based on country, language and keymap for everything 
Of course both deb and udeb should use common code where possible, but IMO 
the options offered in the udeb should be severely reduced.

I'm not going into further detail here. For that, please see the earlier 
thread Samuel already linked to.

Having said all that, I don't see any need to block progress on the X.Org 
implementation because of this. The c-s udeb works well enough that it can 
be used. My preferred solution would therefore be to switch to c-s udeb 
*only* for the graphical installer and stay with kbd-chooser for the 
regular installer until the integration of the c-s udeb in the installer 
has been improved.

Implementing this option is fairly straightforward with the following in 
# Use console-setup
kbd-chooser -
console-keymaps-at -

Added advantage is that the console-setup udeb will get more exposure and 
because of that maybe more attention.


[1] I don't mean the newt frontend, but what you get when booting with 

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