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Bug#570273: debian-installer: netboot stops after loading pxelinux.cfg/default

On Wednesday 24 February 2010, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> But if you look in the NEWS file of Syslinux, which is packaged as
> /usr/share/doc/syslinux/changelog.gz (why?) you'll find:
>    * PXELINUX: We no longer require a TFTP server which supports
>      the tsize option for all transfers.

Thanks for that Ferenc.

And here's the commit that should have fixed it:

I checked and that does look to be included in the 3.71 Debian source.

I've done a quick test using tftpd-hpa with the '-r tsize' option, which 
should make it not accept that option.

D-I still boots fine when I use the lenny or squeeze images.
If I try an etch image I get an error "server does not support tsize" and 
the netboot is cancelled cleanly. I get nothing like the error that Mario 
originally reported...

So that does seem to confirm that tsize is not the problem here. It also 
seems more likely that it's not syslinux that's broken, but either the PXE 
client in Mario's system(s), or his TFTP server (I'd bet on the latter).

If either of you wishes to do additional testing and follow up on this with 
the syslinux or the relevant tftp server package maintainer, feel free to 
reopen and reassign the BR.

I'll update the note in the Installation Guide (not sure yet how exactly).


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