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Bug#569589: Request for additional kernel modules in D-I for s390

tag 569589 pending

On Friday 12 February 2010, Stephen Powell wrote:
> dasd_fba_mod is essential to support FBA DASD.

This module is already included in dasd-modules.

> dasd_diag_mod is necessary when using the DIAG driver, which can be used
> with either CKD DASD or FBA DASD.

I've added this in a new udeb dasd-extra-modules. This udeb will *NOT* be 
loaded by default, but can be selected as an optional component in expert 
mode or when installing with priority=medium.
Possibly it could be included by default, but have chosen this solution as 
I have no way to check that and don't want to risk affecting regular 
installs by maybe making devices visible that are not actually supported.

I've added the vmcp module to core-modules as you suggested.


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