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Bug#570755: installation-reports: Continue & Back buttons switched on "archive not found screen"

Package: installation-reports
Severity: normal

A few days ago I installed debian-504-amd64-netinst.iso (md5sum:
1781299ae37a2b99b75aefa39a8ee773) from
http://www.debian.org/CD/netinst/ on a new Dell laptop. Due to some
proxy configuration I did not have a net conection even though
dhclient reported one. Hence at the stage when download locations are
added to apt.conf the installer reported a failure (please note that I
did the install in German and roughly translated all strings back):

[!!] Configuring the package manager
Invalid archive mirror

After the explantion (which I did not copy above) I got two choices: 
Continue and Back.

Continue leads to the screen for selection a country for the debian
archive mirror and after intermediate screens back to the one above
with the error message

Back returns the message that no archive mirror can be found and the
installation continues.

As you can see by my wording, the two buttons seem to be switched,
i.e. pressing "back" activates the "continue" mechanism while pressing
"continue" returns back to the selection process for archive mirrors.

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