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Bug#288109: debootstap and symbolc suite names

On Wednesday 17 February 2010, Joey Hess wrote:
> I see no reason not to do that; having to go to the website to look up
> the codename associated with stable gets old for those of us who no
> longer have a good memory. ;)

The only argument against I can think of is that if we ever *do* want to 
make a fundamental change that requires a "new" sid script these symlinks 
would be a cause of errors.

So either this would have to be documented as something that's not 
guaranteed to continue to work, or we'd need to change the implementation 
of how we call scripts (e.g. by defining some form of script versioning 
and having a method to "require" a certain script version for a certain 
release - which implies we'd always have to look up the codename of the 
release before selecting the script, but I think that's possible).

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