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Re: Bug present in Sid D-i, but not in Squeeze d-i [Re: Bug#562575: installation-reports: Buisnesscard PowerPC installer loops with Segmentation faults]

On 02/15/2010 02:41 PM, Rick Thomas wrote:
>> Rick
>> Rick on what machine did you test on. I tested on my playstation 3  
>> about 3 or 4 days ago and the installation failed at configuring  
>> network with installation step failed i tested the daily netboot  
>> image. Thanks.
> I used an Apple PowerMac deskside tower G4 machine.
> Can you supply the relevant part of the syslog from a failed attempt  
> on the PS3?  More details might help us to figure out what's failing  
> there.  I'm guessing the PS3 has a network interface that needs some  
> firmware that isn't being supplied.  The installer has provision for  
> such cases (you can put the firmware on a USB stick and load it from  
> there), but I've never used them.  Maybe somebody else on the list  
> knows more details?

The PS3 needs no firmware.  It has its own network driver
ps3_gelic that must either be built into the kernel or
available in the installer's initrd image.

It could be a problem with NetworkManager, or whatever
is used by the installer, not recognising the PS3's Ether


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