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Re: Preliminary patches for console-setup (for g-i)

Quoting Cyril Brulebois (kibi@debian.org):

> console-setup is indeed quite hmm interesting to dig into. Please find
> attached a few patches, which *might* help get to a slightly less
> scary situation.


> Conclusion:
> ===========


> That's not really proper and systematic testing, but better than
> nothing, I hope. :)

Are you kidding, Cyril? That's awesome work, indeed..:-)

My time is still too constrained to give a proper test at your patches
and look into them (assuming I really can understand things, which in
the case of c-s, is questionable)....but after the work you did for
g-i, I can give some trust to it.

Enough, indeed, to deeply wish that c-s skilled people (mostly Anton
and Samuel Thibault, I would say) can really look at your
patches. CC'ing Anton as your mail might escape his attention.

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