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Re: Bug present in Sid D-i, but not in Squeeze d-i [Re: Bug#562575: installation-reports: Buisnesscard PowerPC installer loops with Segmentation faults]

On Feb 15, 2010, at 10:05 PM, Norberto Feliberty wrote:

It used to have the drivers for the ps3 network card and it would install but now it just fails at configuring network. I dont know how to provide extra info from the logs or how to access them. Thanks.

I've never seen a PS3 so I don't know what's available. Is there a USB port on it that you can put a flash-stick in?

If there is, you can type alt-F2 to switch to the VT2 console. From there you can mount the USB-flash and copy /var/log/* to it. Then you can take it to a working machine to examine the log files for anything helpful...


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