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Bug#569763: I cannot install lenny 5.04 mini.iso because of problem configuring DHCP.

merge 569763 569761
severity 569763 normal
tags 569763 moreinfo

On Sunday 14 February 2010, Patrick Naylor wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> The network modem is detected. The DHCP configuration failed.
> I cannot continue with the installing process.
> Being loaded at the same hw the lenny 5.03 mini.iso configure DHCP
> without problems.

Nothing has changed in the installer itself that would explain this change 
in behavior. But the updated Lenny installer does use an updated kernel, 
which could possibly be a factor.

> Comments/Problems:
> Using Debian Squeeze netinst (mini.iso) I can make the installation
> but after rebooting the system for the first time, I have no internet
> conection. The modem is detected. I excecute 'ifdown eth1' then 'ifup
> eth1' and appears the DHCPDESCOVER ending with No DHCP offers
> received. I have checked /etc/hosts, /etc/network/interfaces,
> /etc/resolv.conf and they all are OK.

This shows that DHCP sometimes does work with a current kernel (because 
DHCP did succeed during the installation).

> Modem: Motorola SB5101 Surfboard Cable Modem.

After searching on Google it seems this is an external modem, which means 
that it is extremely unlikely that the installer is the problem here.

In almost all cases of DHCP failing the problem is local.
The most likely cause of the problem is hardware. Possibly a faulty cable.
Another option is that your modem is not 100% standards compliant.

I'm very tempted to close your report because it really is extremely 
unlikely that this is an installer or even a kernel problem. 

I suggest asking for help on for example the debian-user mailing list to 
figure out the real cause of the problem. You could also try using a 
network packet sniffer like wireshark or tcpdump to help figure out what's 


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