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Thai support in framebuffer d-i: test images available

> The next question is: do we actually want to enable Thai in the regular 
> installer. IMO the answer is yes, especially as it is effectively already 
> supported and will not result in a size increase of images.
> Also, I see no reason why e.g. Vietnamese should be supported and Thai not.
> I'm going to ask Christian to actually manage the change. AFAIK there's 
> three things that need to be done:

I built a test image after modifying localechooser and the build
system so that Thai is offerred as an option in the text installer.

At first glance, things seem to be working: I see things that look
like Thai glyphs and they don't appear as broken. Of course, very
obviously, that needs some Thai eyes to check whether everything is OK
(particularly eventually missing characters).


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