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Re: Customized d-i

On Thursday 11 February 2010, Xavier Oswald wrote:
> I need to customize d-i:
>  - change the d-i start picture (klowner.png)

That can be done at CD creation time.

>  - presseed auto-partitionning, user creation and apt mirror

Can be done by including a preseed.cfg file on the CD. See appendix in 
Installation Guide.

>  - install lot of debian and personnal packages at the end of the
> installation

Can be done by preseeding the pkgsel/extra-packages (or something like 
that) option. Or you can create a custom task for tasksel [1].

Or if you want something more flexible and complex, have your preseed file 
use the early_command to drop a custom hook script (or multiple scripts) 
in an appropriate location and make that script to basically anything you 

>  - having a stable installer with a backported kernel for supporting
> latest hardware and install debian stable packages and a backported
> kernel. ( In fact I need to have at the end a stable debian which can
> detect and support new hardware).

Can in principle be done by using the Squeeze installer as long as the 
backported kernel for the installed system is included on the CD.

You should probably not use the Debian naming for your custom kernel.
Best option is probably to preseed which kernel to use to avoid the 
installer selecting a Debian kernel.
Depending on whether you plan to offer upgrade/security support, you should 
also include kernel meta packages that depend on the actual kernel 
packages and preseed base-installer to use the meta package.

If you want to also use your custom kernel in D-I, the story becomes 
completely different and much more complex!

> I had a look to simple-cdd but don't know if it can fill all my needs.

I don't know simple-cdd so can offer no opinion on that. But also take a 
look at the easybuild.sh script included with debian-cd.

See also the D-I Internals document.


[1] http://www.dit.gov.bt/admin/index.php/D-i

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