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Re: Thai support in framebuffer d-i

On Wednesday 10 February 2010, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan wrote:
> For sure, I've tried it again by choosing to run a shell under d-i
> environment (BusyBox), then mount my /home partition and
> cat some Thai text files. And it works.

Ah. Wait a second. Did you do this using a *graphical* installer image for 
Lenny? In that case what you're seeing is 100% expected and completely and 
utterly unrelated to what is possible in the regular installer.

The shell you start from the menu in the graphical installer is *not* just 
a console! It's more like running xterm or konsole. It uses pango and gtk 
and all the other libs that are only available in the graphical installer!

Unless you can also get readable text after booting the *normal* (newt 
based) installer, there is really no point in persuing this any further.

> 7 rare characters, 10 Thai digits, and 4 Thai punctuation
> marks are missing in total.

That must simply be because they are not included (quite possibly because 
they are not used) in the TTF font used in D-I. Maybe that needs updating.

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