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Debian unattended installation - Urgent help


I would like to do Debian 5 unattended installation following approach (more than 15 i have to create)

1. Create mini debian boot iso with preseed.cfg file.
2. Using VMware workstation i mount mini iso into cdrom 1 and debian 5 source dvd into cdrom 2.
3. I am getting error message is "incorrect cdrom".

1. I dont have internet connection and i cant use nfs or ftp or http. Only possibilities i can use only iso images.

Thanks in advance.

Chandran R

isolinux.cfg file:
default linux
prompt 0
timeout 1

label linux
    kernel /install.386/vmlinuz
    append  auto=true priority=critical video=vesa:ywrap,mtrr vga=788 initrd=/install.386/gtk/initrd.gz file=/preseed.cfg -- quiet
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