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Re: r62202 - trunk/packages/cdebconf/debian

On Monday 08 February 2010, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> I'm not talking about pkg-lists but about dropping the depends. I KNOW
> it is going to work but I'm unsure if it is right to drop the depends
> line.

I know what you're talking about.

> In fact, from my POV the right would be to drop rootskel-gtk from
> pkg-lists and have it included when cdebconf-gtk-udeb is included.

And that's EXACTLY what happens. *Because* of the way the pkg-lists are 
configured and *because* rootskel-gtk is *only* useful if included in an 
initrd it is a perfectly OK solution to simply rely on pkg-lists and drop 
the dependency.

The best alternative is to try to convince the s390 buildd admin to allow 
rootskel-gtk to build for s390 (good luck with that). Limiting the arches 
for cdebconf-gtk would be a bad solution as it goes against general 
packaging conventions: we don't limit packages to arches unless there's a 
technical reason to do so, not just because it's not used.

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