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Bug#568895: user-setup: Remove some of the default groups, they are unused now

On Monday 08 February 2010, Jean-Christophe Dubacq wrote:
> There are too many groups for the default user, and some of theme are
> not used any more : audio cdrom floppy video plugdev netdev powerdev
> dialout are probably not needed.

That's not correct AFAICT. There still exist devices with group set to 
audio, dialout, cdrom, floppy and video. And not all systems will have 

> At least plugdev is no more used, netdev and powerdev are replaced by
> consolekit.

That may well be a relevant change for Squeeze.

However, user-setup should remain backwards compatible with Lenny. That 
could be implemented in different ways [1], but it does mean we cannot 
just remove the groups.

Thanks for bringing up the issue.


[1] Either in user-setup or using the lenny-support udeb.

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