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Bug#511053: [patch] minor fixes to partman/preseeding notes

tag 511053 pending

On Monday 06 April 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> >   - preseed.xml
> >       it is now possible to preseed multiple disks
> >       try to enhance preseeding example's comments
> >       point to partman-auto-recipe.txt on websvn.
> >       mention lvm-related improvements
> This needs a bit of work (description of 'crypto' is not entirely
> accurate for example). Also, I'm planning a stable update of the manual
> currently and prefer to delay making these changes until after that.

Your other patch reminded me that I still had this on my ToDo list. 
Committed now, but I've made some additional changes after that.

I've not included the URL to partman-auto-recipe.txt in the example, for 
two reasons:
- it would not work correctly with the conversion of the file to text
- even if I made that work, the resulting line would become too long for
  my liking

Instead I've added the URL link in a paragraph before the example, so it 
will at least be available in the HTML and PDF versions.


P.S. I noticed that RAID preseeding is already documented. That now also 
has a reference to the README (which I moved to the same location as 

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