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Re: Keeping support for directfb in g-i?

On Sunday 07 February 2010, Loïc Minier wrote:
>  As a followup to KiBi's work on g-i, I independently worked on changing
>  the cairo udebs but instead of switching from directfb to xorg, I kept
>  support for both.
>  KiBi and jcristau didn't seem to find this useful, so I'm asking here
>  whether there's any desire to keep g-i/directfb support in parallel to
>  g-i/xorg, or whether the directfb udebs should just be switched over to
>  xorg ones?

As there has been nothing really posted to the debian-boot list yet I 
personally don't have sufficient information to determine whether the 
X.Org implementation is advanced enough to warrant a full switch.

From what I've seen the current stage is still "getting things to work".

I would very much appreciate if KiBi and jcristau would submit their 
proposals to this list in fair detail for review and discussion before 
pushing for changes that affect the installer in the archive.


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