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Bug#568495: [patch] partman-auto-raid/README

Hi Vincent,

On Friday 05 February 2010, Vincent McIntyre wrote:
> I found what I think is a minor error in the partman-auto-raid/README
> (the elements of the recipes should be separated by periods, not
> commas).

Hmmm. I wonder if you read that correctly. It's true that the elements 
*within* a recipe must be separated by periods. But if you set multiple 
recipes, then those should be separated by commas.

And I guess multiple recipes are possible: one for md0, one for md1. But I 
must admit I'm not 100% sure of that as I've never used it.

> The attached corrects that and tries to clarify two parts of the text
> I found confusing or too terse.

It should really get documented in the installation guide somewhere.


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