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Bug#568645: setupcon requires udevadm trigger && udevadm settle

A Dissabte, 6 de febrer de 2010 16:05:45, Anton Zinoviev va escriure:
> The reason I am not going to fix this is that I am not well acquanted 
> with the udev/hal system.  I understand that the patch to fix the bug is 
> very simple but sometimes to maintain a one-line code and to fix all 
> problems that could arise in the future requires more than simply 
> understanding what this one-line command does.  There is no way back - 
> if this functionality is added to setupcon the users will expect it so 
> it would be impossible to revert the change.  Correspondingly I am 
> adding a 'help' tag to this bug and leaving for some other developer to 
> fix it.

the X server uses the keyboard layout specified by udev, 
changing the console keyboard also implies the keyboard layout used by the X 
after the change, restarting the services has no effect on the X keyboard until 
we update udev, or rebooting the complete OS.

Jordi Pujol

Live never ending Tale
GNU/Linux Live forever!

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