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Bug#568529: overwrites MBR of installation medium

Package: debian-installer
Severity: grave

During installation of debian squezee using USB flash drive (hd-media)
grub-installer has overwritten its MBR (obviously, it has /dev/sda device
associated with it).

I'm aware that device enumeration issues were reported in #517563 and
#516280 and are present in errata for lenny release RC2, but I believe
that installer should not overwrite installation medium under any

The problem seems to be located in grub-installer script[1]. When
grub-installer/only_debian is set to true the bootdev is set
unconditionally to '(hd0)'. Installer should make sure that this device
is not installation medium by any chance.

I've set severity to grave because of data loss (MBR), but the case is
obviously not so common so feel free to reduce it.

[1] packages/arch/i386/grub-installer/grub-installer

Piotr Lewandowski

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