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Bug#568292: auto-install: pulls netcfg into images that should not have it

On Wednesday 03 February 2010, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Wednesday 03 February 2010, Frans Pop wrote:
> > Or if the dependency is required for menu ordering, then there should
> > be an alternative udeb whose only function is to queue auto-install
> > for images that don't have netcfg.
> Hmmm. I think it could even pull in both auto-install and ai-choosers
> and thus leave ai-choosers out of the images as well.

Gah! It's even worse. ai-chooser just blindly assumes that all images 
include both localechooser and kbd-chooser while that is not guaranteed.

In fact, in most pkg-lists definitions localechooser is included from 
common, while kbd-chooser is included from <arch>.cfg.
In the current situation ai-chooser basically overrides any other choices 
made in the pkg-lists. Not Very Nice At All!

IMO ai-chooser should be split into two separate udebs, one depending on 
localechooser and one on kbd-chooser and auto-install (which runs before 
it) should anna-install them *only* if the postinst of localechooser resp. 
kbd-chooser is present.

That would also allow for a clean migration to console-setup-udeb when 
we're ready for that.

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