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Re: [RFC] Degrading reiserfs to optional filesystem?

Quoting Christian PERRIER (bubulle@debian.org):

> This is only personal opinion, but I found out that it's quite some
> time since I abandoned reiserfs in favor of mostly xfs on various
> servers at work....and my own personal machines.
> So, I tend to agree with you that it could be moved to be optional.

I had a very brief talk on IRC with Josselin Mouette (actually, not a
real talk: a few sentences spread out over the entire Sunday on

Joss objected something like "what are you guys proposing as
alternatives to reiserfs for laptops. Ext4?"

His rationale was that ext3 is annoying with its extra-long fsck
operations and xfs is too sensitive to brutal power failures.

My only objection to this is my personal experience with XFS (which is
a little bit small). I personnally never experienced problems with
brutal power outages, even though I recently had numerous occasions to
try this (X "hanging" while I was off network, with power on/off as
only option).

So, well, I answered Joss that, yes, ext4 will be available in D-I as
an option so that might answer his concerns. But, still, I felt the
duty to mention his concerns.

Josselin CC'ed as he's not subscribed to -boot.

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