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Re: netcfg: using udhcpc to get dhcp lease fails

On Monday 01 February 2010, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> > I.e, multiple IP addresses should be comma-separated. This also goes
> > for ntp-servers, which probably should not have quotes as it's similar
> > to dns.
> Fixed both issues; I can't test it now so if you have time do a last
> check.

This is not going to work in busybox shell:
   option domain-name-servers ${dns/ /,};

# test="a b c"
# echo ${test/ /,}
/bin/sh: syntax error: bad substitution

Suggest you use a function, something like:
comma_separate() {
	echo "$1" | sed "s/ /,/g"

and then use:
   option domain-name-servers $(comma_separate "$dns");

And the same substitution should be made for ntp servers, which can also 
have multiple values.

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