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Re: [RFC] Blockers for Debian Installer - Alpha1 release

On Saturday 16 January 2010, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Saturday 16 January 2010, Ian Campbell wrote:
> > Possibly just an issue with the mirror the buildd is using? Since
> > packages.debian.org seems to think that package is in both squeeze and
> > sid and local builds Work For Me(tm).
> See the first lines of the log:
> WARNING: mirror
> 'http://hetzner:download@download.hetzner.de/debian/mirror' appears to
> be invalid; skipping
> Using generated sources.list.udeb:
>    deb copy:/home/installer/build/ localudebs/
> So it end up using only localudebs, which obviously isn't enough.
> No idea what's in the sources.list on that buildd, but it's fairly
> certain that it's so unconventional that D-I cannot parse/use it.

AFAICT wget should support an URL in that format, so my best guess is that 
the proxy that's being used does not respond correctly to 'wget --spider'.
That command is used by gen-sources.list.udeb to test the validity of a 
source for D-I.

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