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Bug#564611: console unusuable after upgrade

reopen 564611

This freeze was not caused by the removal of console-setup.

Perhaps, but rebooting without reinstalling it did not solve anything, so it is linked somehow.

Keyboard-configuration is not supposed to depend on console-setup |
console-setup-mini.  I don't know who is responsible for this bug or
whether it is a bug but there is nothing to be fixed in console-setup.

Seems you don't know much about anything. If console-tools is not faulty, then you could help me find out why this removal has such unattended impact. Without any proof this package is perfect, i don't see any reason to close this bug. You may be unwilling to work on the problem and tag it WONTFIX, but you don't have any argument to close it. I find it quite rude to just say "that's not my responsability" and not try at all to help users.

Every autoremoval of packages involves the risk to remove a package that
the user does not want removed.

If users migrating from Lenny have important packages removed with the default way of cleaning his system (with apt-get autoremove, as suggested by the tool itself), then i think this is a problem. As this leads to a grave problem which you have not been able to argument against, then this bug should be investigated before it is eventually closed.

So, why don't you want to help ?


Marc Dequènes (Duck)

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