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Possible bug detecting destination disk for Grub at install


I got the following report via private mail from a friend, and -given
I know next to nothing about the installer- I can only forward the
mail to this list. I am quoting his full mail - It is in Spanish, but
if you can understand it, it will surely serve better than my

Victor Martinez dijo [Fri, Jan 08, 2010 at 01:33:30AM -0600]:
> Estuve instalando en la D945GCLF2D que es un atom N330 y el instalador
> del netinstall me dejo el fstab y el menu.lst incorrectos, todo bien
> hasta que reinicie y entonces tuve que iniciar con disco de arranque
> resulta que aunque todo estaba en /dev/sda termino escribiendo en sdb
> pero sabes la memoria que use fue modificada por unetbootin pudiera
> ser bug de ellos... Panx tuvo una cosa similar tambien con una
> instalacion lo que no se es si usando el unetbotootin puesto que creo
> el consiguio una unidad de cd externa...

I was installing in a D945GCLF2D, which is an Atom N330 system. The
netinstall installer left me with a wrong fstab and
menu.lst. Everything seemed to be fine during the install until I
rebooted the machine, and had to restart with a boot disk. Turns out
that even if everything was in /dev/sda, it ended up writing in
sdb. The memory I used was modified by unetbootin, so the bug might be
with them... [Another friend] had a similar problem with another
install, what I don't know is whether it happened using unetbootin, as
I understand he had got hold of an external CD reader.

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