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Re: Tasksel upload?

Hello Christian,

On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 8:56 AM, Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> We currently have a few pending things:
>  [ Christian Perrier ]
>  * Update xfce-desktop task, matching Xfce 4.6 changes.
>    Thanks to Yves-Alexis Perez for the patch
>    Closes: #545431
>  * Drop console-cyrillic from russian and ukrainian tasks.
>    Closes: #545715
>  [ Kenshi Muto ]
>  * Replace jfbterm with fbterm for japanese task.
>  * Add otf-ipafont to japanese-desktop task.
> Could it be a good time for a tasksel upload, before a supposedly
> coming alpha 1?

I think so. It will also allow for testing if the byhand handling for
it will work as well. (it had issues on last installer upload but
looks fixed now).

If you can take care of it, it would be nice. Otherwise ping me and I do it.

Otavio Salvador                  O.S. Systems
E-mail: otavio@ossystems.com.br  http://www.ossystems.com.br
Mobile: +55 53 9981-7854         http://projetos.ossystems.com.br

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