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Re: [(O)SRM] debian-installer update uploaded for Etch and Lenny

On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 03:52:26PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> As all packages needed to build D-I were now available, I have uploaded for 
> both stable and oldstable. An accept is not needed; apparently D-I gets an 
> automatic accept due to by-hand processing of the image tarballs.
> For oldstable (20070308etch6) all arches have been built successfully.
> For stable (20090123lenny5) all arches except mips were successful. I've 
> already mailed the mips buildd maintainers.
> I will run some installation tests over the next few days. If I don't 
> follow up on this mail it means the tests were successful.
> Are there already plans to do the point releases? It would be great if it 
> could be fairly soon.
> Changes for stable (Lenny):
> - improved mirror selection: better support for installation of oldstable
>   and from archive.debian.org
> - updated mirror lists
> - update of system date from NTP now also works correctly if the system
>   date after boot is before 1-1-1970
> - [arm/armel] QNAP NAS devices: leds and buzzer work again during installs
>   (qcontrol needed update after previous stable update of udev)
> - [s390] booting (IPL) from CD fixed [1]
> There's no kernel update for the installer for Lenny. It's probably not 
> needed either, but maybe Dann will want to do an extra D-I upload to 
> include updated kernel udebs after the next kernel upload for p-u. 

yeah, we've added some new hardware support (intel nics), so I can
take care of another d-i update once the kernel in p-u-new has been
accepted/built everywhere.

The acceptance of this package is currently on hold due to the
debian-installer/mips build failure. Is the cause of that known?

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