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Bug#562594: More information

On Saturday 26 December 2009, Jurij Smakov wrote:
> The problem here is that empty $modules does not mean that there are
> no files in $MISSING which is set to /dev/.udev/firmware-missing (the
> log message is wrong as well).

Nice analysis Jurij.

A lot (most?) devices do have a driver directory under /sys/devices.
Try 'ls -l /sys/devices/*/*/driver'.

Or does the directory maybe only appear _after_ the firmware gets loaded? 
That would explain your earlier comment that you did get prompted after 
you loaded the firmware manually and ran disk-detect again.

The fact that it is missing in your case may be a kernel bug. Maybe 
something specific to the 'root' class?

Can you find an alternative method to determine the driver corresponding to 
your device? Either from sysfs directly or maybe using udevadm based on 
info that is in sysfs.

If you need help, you could try contacting Marco d'Itri.

> Not sure whether this problem is caused 
> by changes to check-missing-firmware or kernel, I can try to boot a
> lenny installer tomorrow to see how it worked there.

check-missing-firmware was changed because of changes in udev.

FYI, the link in /dev/.udev/firmware-missing is created by udev's
/lib/udev/firmware.agent script. That is the correct starting point.

I am blessed with having no hardware that needs firmware [1], so I cannot 
test this myself.


[1] Though I expect that will change with .32 which has split out e100 

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