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Bug#447755: Minidisk support

On 2009-12-25 at 03:11:18 -0500, Frans Pop wrote:
> I've just taken a look at the source for parted (Debian unstable version), 
> and the problem seems fairly obvious.

> In libparted/labels/dasd.c there's a function dasd_read() which very 
> clearly only supports LDL and CDL formatted dasds.

> So someone will need to implement CMS support in parted before Debian 
> Installer can be made to support CMS formatted mini disks.
> I'm cloning this BR to parted so that its maintainers can take a look at 
> that, but probably someone from the s390 community will need to provide a 
> patch to the upstream developers.

Hmm.  OK, well if that's necessary.  But I think if upstream looks at the previous
two updates to this bug report by me, that should give them enough information
to add "read-only" support for this disk format.  I don't need read-write support
("create, destroy, resize, move and copy").  I'm content to leave those functions
to CMS.  All I need is for it to recognize the (single) partition and report on it
statistically, so that Debian installer can assign it a mount point, create
a file system on it, create a swap space on it, or copy data to it.
I will be glad to answer any questions they may have.  If they have questions that
I can't answer, then maybe they will need to recruit someone from the Linux for
s390 community as well.  But that may not be necessary.

I am also assuming that you no longer need me to run the test install that you
described earlier.  If you still need or want me to run it, please let me know.

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